About the Club

The Resolutes Amateur Athletics Club of Halifax or “the Rez” as its often called, has been incorporated since 1901, making it the oldest private members club in Nova Scotia.

The Resolutes operates as a not-for-profit organization, with day-to-day management in the hands of the club manager, Glen Scanlan, and overall operations run by a seven person management committee, who are elected bi-annually.

Our mandate is to promote amateur sport in the community and social activity within the community and among our membership. Our club supports a Mens’ Metro Pool League team each year, as well as the Tars Rugby Football club (http://www.tars.ns.ca/). This year we were able to support two mens and two ladies rugby teams. We also can provide support for individuals whenever possible.


Admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering.

Determined – Firm – Decisive – Resolved

The Resolutes Team.

From its very origins through the championship baseball team, The Resolutes, to our current championship rugby team, The Halifax Tars, the Resolutes Club has always been associated with the success’s stemming from taking pride in what we do. We can all be proud to be resolute.

Our members are part of our deeply-rooted Resolutes community. The social and practical benefits of membership are not possible without the contributions of our team including staff and volunteers.

Our  extremely hard working staff play an essential part in making this place so special. As a a non-profit, we also rely on our board to guide the development and future of our club.


Manager: Glen Scanlan
Behind the Bar: Jess, Dave M, Cathy, Shawn
In the Kitchen: Gail, Sid, Don
Everything else: Dave B

The Board

President: Steve Rockwell
Vice President: Richard Murphy
Treasurer: Jay Nicholson
Secretary: Wes Landry
Comittee: Jenn Armstrong
Comittee: Emma Parkington
Comittee: Joe Belliveau


Documents of importance to members and the community will be posted here.

Current Constitution

The constitution of the club as amended the 29th day of June, 2019

Community Contributions

A list of community members and groups supported by the club.