Welcome Back!

Hello Members,

First of all, welcome back !!!

It has been a long three months since we were last able to be at the Club. As this is an election year, I am reaching out to you today to discuss the next steps for Nominations and Elections to create the new Management Committee; this should have happened over the late March and April timeframe but with the Covid-19 pandemic we had to postpone until we reopened.

As such we would like to schedule the Nomination Meeting for Monday, June 29th and the Election for Tuesday, July 28th.

Again, with the new rules regarding social distancing and limits of people within the club, we understand that some nominations and votes may have to come to us via proxy. This post will be to focus on the Nomination Meeting process.

Nomination Meeting (June 29, 7 pm start)

Reminder to review the Clubs Constitution and By-Laws, Article 4 – Membership, Sections (1 – 3), Article 9 – Positions on the Management Committee, Sections (1 – 5) and Article 10 – Election of Officers and Committee Members, Sections (1 – 3) for official rules and eligibility.
Regular members and lifetime members in good standing are eligible to nominate and/or run for a position on the board.
Associate members are not eligible to nominate and/or run for a position until they have been a Regular member for two consecutive years.
Executive committee positions can only be filled by a Regular member that has already served on the committee. Executive positions include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Available positions for nomination: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three additional board members.


If done in person the nominator can nominate another member in attendance and the nominee can accept verbally.
If the nominator or nominee is not able to be in attendance please follow the proxy process below.
If you would like to Nominate someone in person at the meeting that is ok but a reminder that we are only able to accommodate 50 members in the Club at any one time and we cannot guarantee admittance for the meeting, therefore, we are recommending to ensure nomination gets in you utilize the email proxy process.

The Proxy process is a follows:

If you would like to nominate someone in person who is not able to attend the meeting please have a written proxy available signed by yourself and the person nominated.
If you are unable to attend and would like to nominate someone for an Executive or Committee member we would ask you to send an email to the person you would like to nominate, if the person nominated would like to accept the nomination we would ask that they forward the email with their acceptance to the Clubs email address and cc: the person who nominated them. The Clubs email address is resolutesclub@eastlink.ca

Sample wording for a proxy:

I, (insert member name), would like to nominate, (insert member name), for the position of (insert position name).
If on written paper please have both parties’ signature with the date.
If email follows the process above.

As noted the Election will be held on Tuesday, July 28th details will follow as to that process once we get closer to the date of the election.


Linda English